Polaroid Series: Models on Fashion Week // Avalon Able

In this series, stylist, creative director and model Millie Sykes spoke with those who are seen but not often heard in reporting on Fashion Week. Models are central to the entire artifice of Fashion Week yet their opinions, thoughts and perspectives can be overlooked. In this series, models imagine what the future of the industry could look like, and how it might get there.

Name: Avalon Able @aaa_avalon

Agency: Five Twenty

Age: 20

“I would love for there to be both couture and ready-to-wear showing at MFBW. I know it’s probably asking too much of a small industry, but I would love for Australian fashion to push boundaries and embrace the avant-garde, much in the way the drag and queer communities in our city do.”

“I’d really love to see the Sydney fashion industry continue pushing towards more diverse representation, we need a greater representation of body shapes, faces & ethnicities.”