Polaroid Series: Models on Fashion Week // Nya Leth

In this series, stylist, creative director and model Millie Sykes spoke with those who are seen but not often heard in reporting on Fashion Week. Models are central to the entire artifice of Fashion Week yet their opinions, thoughts and perspectives can be overlooked. In this series, models imagine what the future of the industry could look like, and how it might get there.

Name: Nya Leth @nmmwl

Agency: Kult

Age: 22

“One of the most inspiring things that has happened of late in this industry for me was Agi Thiong, who is a model of colour, opening fashion week. She opened the first show which was Aje and the second show was also opened by a model of colour.”

“All I’ve got to say is more representation, more honesty, more slay and more Melanin.”

“I think the Sydney fashion industry has grown so much, especially in the last few years and I’ve been so happy to be a part of that and witness it first-hand. There is, however, a gap when it comes to knowledge on catering to hair for people of colour. We’ve almost nailed the makeup area but now it’s time to focus on the hair. There are a lot of black girls who aren’t properly being catered too and this is because of a lack of knowledge of how to cater to black hair, you can’t treat it the way you treat other hair. If we can educate our hairdressers on that, we’d be where it’s at.”